Volume 5 Issue 9

Impact of the tax collection of the Redeemable Tax on Plastic Bottles for environmental conservation. Case of bottling and marketing companies in Machala YÁNEZ-RÍOS, Katerine Alexandra, CASTILLO-MACAS, Lizbeth Margarita and GUTIÉRREZ-JARAMILLO, Néstor Daniel

The inventory as an importance factor in the administration of micro-businesses ARIAS-ORDÓÑEZ, Gabriela Fernanda, PALMA-GUTIÉRREZ, Karina Mercedes and ORELLANA-ULLOA, Milca Naara

Micro and small enterprises and their impact on external financing AGUILAR-PÉREZ, Esmeralda, HERNÁNDEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, María Elena and IRIGOYEN-ARROYO, Luis Ernesto

The management of administrative indicators and the impact of COVID-19 on business, the case of the locality of Hecelchakán BACAB-SANCHEZ, José R.