Economic Development Technological chance and Growth

Volume 5 Issue 9

Effect of the minimum wage on employment and the poor population in Mexico, 1980-2019 GODÍNEZ-MONTOYA, Lucila, FIGUEROA-HERNÁNDEZ, Esther and PÉREZ-SOTO, Francisco

Resistant personality and coping strategies in Mexican World Cup and Olympic athletes in a pandemic PONCE-CARBAJAL, Nancy, LÓPEZ-WALLE, Jeanette M. and MÉNDEZ-SÁNCHEZ, María del Pilar

Environmental auditing, the evaluation process an analysis of its standards REYES-ALTAMIRANO, Rigoberto, MEDINA-CELIS, Laura Margarita, MEDINA-CELIS, Gabriela and GARAY-REYES, Ana Paola

Blended learning experience of networks and telecommunications through a SPOC Course OTERO-ESCOBAR, Alma Delia