Economic Development Technological chance and Growth

Volume 5 Issue 8

Quality evaluation of oat flour and wheat flour blends for cookie production MORALES, Victor, MARTÍNEZ, Eliel, ESPITIA, Eduardo and BARDOMIANO, Jaime

Pencil of fire GÓMEZ, Isabel, FLORES, Jaime, BARROZO, Marybel, ESPADA, Fabiana, MORALES, Iver, ZELAYA, José and BRAVO, Abrahán

Continuous improvement in production logistics to minimize waste HOLTZEIMER, María de los Ángeles, GUILLEN, Mima, RIVERA, Denisse and VALENTIN, Pedro

Application of second-order conductors through the design and manufacture of a welding machine made with recycled materials DIAZ, Eyran, ORTEGA, Edgar, SILVA, José and MONTIEL, Gloria