Economic Development Technological chance and Growth

Volume 3 Issue 4

Database for electronic schedule for patients of psychological clinic CORTÉS-GARCÍA, Alicia, SANTOS-OSORIO, Rene and PERALTA-HERNÁNDEZ, Guillermo

Optimization system at Vehicle Control Department for the control and management of the company's vehicles SANTOS-OSORIO, René, LÓPEZ-RIVERA, José Armando, LÓPEZ-ÁNGELES, Dora Lilia and RODRÍGUEZ-MIRANDA, Gregorio

Emerging technologies and their application in higher education RODRÍGUEZ-PÉREZ, Ivonne

The technostress: Its influence in the learning environment related to the use of information technologies ORTIZ-SÁNCHEZ, Pedro Alfonso Guadalupe, SÁNCHEZ-ITURBE, Patricia, ORTIZ-Y OJEDA, Pedro T. and BASAVE-TORRES, Rosy Ilda