Economic Development Technological chance and Growth

Volume 1 Issue 1

Analysis of internal competitiveness in private basic incubators: an international comparative case study CARRETERO-LARREA, María Alejandra RÍOS-MANRIQUEZ, Martha

The influence of maintenance on process innovation and business performance CUEVAS-VARGAS, Héctor, QUIROZ-GARCÍA, Jessica, RAMÍREZ-BARAJAS, Alejandro, PALACIOS-ALMANZA, José Rafael Alejandro

The technological transfer of the Integral School Control System in the National Technological Institute of Mexico VEGA-OLVERA, Gustavo Iván, VEGA-FLORES, Patricia y GUTIÉRREZ-TORRES, Luis Germán

Proposal to encourage Innovation in MSMEs, with the appropriation of serious game FOSADO-MARTÍNEZ, Dulce Olivia

Telematic management technologies for urban public transport ARELLANO-ROCHA, Francisco Javier and DÍAZ-NIETO, Elia Socorro