Instructions for Scientific, Technological and Innovation Publication

Knowledge Area

The works must be unpublished and refer to topics of General financial markets: Portfolio choice, Asset pricing, Contingent pricing, Futures pricing, Information and market efficiency, Event studies, International financial markets, Government policy and regulation; Financial institutions and services: Banks, Other depository institutions, Mortgages, Insurance, Insurance companies, Pension funds, Other private Financial Institutions, Investment banking, Venture capital, Brokerage, Government policy and regulation; Corporate finance and governance: Capital budgeting, Investment policy, Financing policy, Capital and ownership structure, Bankruptcy; Liquidation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring, Corporate governance, Payout policy, Government policy and regulation and other topics related to Social Sciences.

  1. Templates
  2. ID-Researcher
  3. Conflict of interest format, Assignment of rights and distribution

Intellectual Property Requirements for editing:
-Authentic Signature in Blue Color of the Originality Format Author and Coauthors
-Authentic Signature in Blue Color of the Acceptance Authorization Format and Coauthors