Financial Economy

Volume 5 Issue 9

Factors that originate tax evasion and its impact on tax collection in Ecuador CABRERA-QUEZADA, Ketty Adriana, CORREA JIMENEZ, Walter Vinicio and GUTIERREZ JARAMILLO, Néstor Daniel

Repercussions of COVID-19 on the Ecuadorian tax system and its ranking compared to other countries ROQUE-VALAREZO, Pamela Elizabeth, YUMBO-GUZMÁN, María de los Ángeles and ORELLANA, Milca

Influence of job satisfaction and training on individual performance of microfinance advisors in Sonora and Chiapas, Mexico VÁZQUEZ-JIMÉNEZ, Imelda, RUIZ-PÉREZ, Roberto, GOMEZ-HINOJOSA, Carolina and ACOSTA-MELLADO, Erika

Sectoral system of innovation and agricultural policy in export products. A case study of dried mango PAREDES-MEDINA, Reyna Myrna, MONTES-TORRES, María de Lourdes and LOPEZ-MONDRAGÓN, Ana Cecilia