Financial Economy

Volume 5 Issue 8

Strategic planning in the business sector, to promote the sustainability of small and medium enterprises AGUILAR-PÉREZ, Esmeralda

Macroeconomic variables of the United States and their effect on Mexican migration and remittances FIGUEROA-HERNÁNDEZ, Esther, PÉREZ-SOTO, Francisco, GODÍNEZ-MONTOYA, Lucila and PÉREZ-FIGUEROA, Rebeca A.

Circular economy and waste management in the textile manufacturing industry RESENDIZ-VEGA, Marisol, SÁNCHEZ-TRUJILLO, Gabriela and MONTAÑO-ARANGO, Oscar

Impact of the use of technological tools in the administration of the educational processes of the TESJO with the application of the hybrid model (inverted classroom) year 2022 AYALA-RÍOS, Irma Amelia, GONZÁLEZ-CRUZ, Saúl and LÓPEZ-SÁNCHEZ, Iván