Financial Economy

Volume 3 Issue 5

Environmental impact assessment in a company TAVERA-CORTÉS, María Elena, SANDOVAL-GÓMEZ, Raúl Junior and VERGEL-RANGEL, Guillermo Alexis

Efficient processes with TPM in companies in the south central region of the state of Chihuahua DELGADO-MARTÍNEZ, Martha Lilia, AGUIRRE-OROZCO, Mario Abelardo, MÁRQUEZ-MONÁRREZ, Olivia and GANDARILLA-NÚÑEZ, Rafael

Inventory of tourism resources: a strategy for the development of sustainable tourism in the communities of the southern and northern zone of the Municipality of Compostela, Nayarit RODRÍGUEZ-HERNÁNDEZ, Eusebio

Tourist characterization of the Municipality of Ruiz, Nayarit; to contribute to the touristic development of the region ALTAMIRANO-ROLDÁN, Glafira Eugenia, VILLARREAL-BAÑUELOS, Erixander and GARCÍA-GONZÁLEZ, Frasim

Impact of COVID-19 on Fractal Capital Market Recursion RAMOS-ESCAMILLA, María