General Economics

Volume 5 Issue 9

Diagnosis of cleaner production in automotive mechanical workshops in Ciudad Valles, S. L. P. RUEDA, Belzabet, VIDAL, Eleazar, ACOSTA, Dulce and HUERTA, Rosalba

Inventory of wildlife in the PNAMI serranías del Iñao HUICI, Silvana, OSORIO, Rosario, ZEBALLOS, Maria, MARIN, Peter, VILCA, Alex, CABALLERO, Sara and OVANDO, Edwin

Monitoring and evaluation of air and noise pollution in the city of Sucre RODRÍGUEZ, Apolonia, MURILLO, Humberto and DORADO, Luz

Leadership and its relationship with outcome variables in a plastic packaging manufacturing company GARCÍA-HERNÁNDEZ, Yessica, MENDOZA-SALDIVAR, Isabel and RUÍZ-CORTÉS, Sergio Serafín