Labor and Demographic Economics

Volume 5 Issue 8

Insertion of a unit for monitoring and evaluation of the management cycle of social projects in the municipality of Sucre CARABALLO, Leonor, FLORES, Alexander, PADILLA, Paulino, RÍOS, Carol and VELÁSQUEZ, Inés

Implementation of Scrum Methodology in the construction of the intelligent system Acerkte of Academic tutorials RAMIREZ, David, ALCUDIA, Ever, LOPEZ, Alejandro and RODRIGUEZ, Elías

Academic achievement product of socioeconomic and demographic conditions: LAM CU Texcoco case MORENO-VELÁZQUEZ, Iliana & ESPINOSA-TORRES, Luis Enrique

Stay through the Mexico - Shanghai student mobility project at Universidad Tecnológica Fidel Velázquez VARGAS-GUTIERREZ, Luis Daniel, HERNANDEZ-CRUZ, Maria Guadalupe, RAMOS-CERDA, Carlos Jair and BLAS-GARCIA, Patricia