Economic History

Volume 5 Issue 8

Learning objects and student mobility: Their role in the acquisition of a second language DELGADILLO, Mónica, RODRIGUEZ, Norma, SOSA, Guadalupe and BECERRIL, César

The parishes in the Bolivian littoral - S. XVIII–XX CALVO, Jorge, CALDERON, Luis, AVENDAÑO, Jhansel, BARAHONA, Maria, CRUZ, Janethe and GÓMEZ, Norma

Methodological guidelines for teaching reading and writing to deaf children CORASI, Yovana, GUERRA, Clementina and PAZ, Mirtha

The social events of May 24, 2008 in Sucre-Bolivia DELGADILLO, Carlos, VACA, Leda, IGLESIAS, Fernando, GARCÍA, Marisa and MARÁS, Jheimy